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Graphic Design Work

Examples include publication design, moving image, research projects and more

Graphic Design (BA) graduate from Kingston University

How Not To Be Seen


A translation of Hito Steyerl's essay film 'How not to be seen: a fucking didactic file' into a publication. Designed at a large scale to reflect the size of a resolution target and the film's aspect ratio. To reflect the film's theme of surveillance, the book was presented alongside and ink pad that readers were required to place their fingerprint on before reading so that each individual reader would leave an identifiable mark on the pages.

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This is a republishing of King James I of England's dissertation on witchcraft, Daemonologie'. Bound on a thick natural stock using authentic 16th century binding methods, this book utilises two wooden panels for front and back covers with a woodcut block ,used to make a print inside the book, attached to the front cover. The book as a whole is then finally bound in a steel chain. The interior design of the book aims to combine medieval and contemporary aesthetics, with typography specifically designed to match the pace of the essay's central dialogue between Philomathes and Epistemon.

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Designing the Future

'Designing the Future: An Analysis of EPCOT's Difficulties with Speculative, Experiential Design from its Inception to the Present Day' is the title of my dissertation which has been republished here with considered design aiming to make it reminiscent of travel brochures and directories from the late 80s and early 90s as a contextual link to the essay's content.

The text itself was expanded beyond initial word limits and the amount of imagery featured was greatly increased to create a definitive, 'director's cut' version of my dissertation.

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